Get the best deals in Incredible Holidays from ASUS promo

ASUS Philippines has announced the launch of its special Incredible Holidays from ASUS promo. During the month-long promo, which will end on December 31, gadget lovers will be treated to more-than-generous discounts on ASUS’ most popular product line-ups and offerings, whether it be its best-selling notebooks and desktops, its high-performing gaming devices, or its ground-breaking smartphones and all-time favorite tablets. This Yuletide season, ASUS guarantees that there is an incredible product to give no matter who is in your Christmas shopping list this year.

Incredible Holidays - Notebook

X-Series Notebooks Perfect for the X-mas Season

Kick-off the holiday cheer by sharing the news about the ASUS X and K-series notebooks, now both with lower prices and the new standard 2-Year Global Warranty. There is a notebook perfect for anyone and everyone, ranging from everyday performance devices for as low as Php12,995.00, to high performance notebooks ranging up to Php 42,995.00.

Incredible Holidays - Desktop

Get the Perfect Pair for Your Desktop this Christmas
Christmas should be celebrated with good company, and this season is no exception. For every purchase of any ASUS Desktop PCs, you can finally complete your workstation by pairing this up with a free Deskjet Ink 1015 Printer. Aside from this, buyers will also be delighted to know that all ASUS Desktop PCs have 3 years parts and service warranty.


Experience a Christmas Like No Other with Republic of Gamers

Go and get your game on with Republic of Gamers’ newest arsenals for gaming. Start off with the new ASUS GL552 gaming notebook for only Php 59,995.00, which promises to give you a whole new gaming experience this season. Or you can opt for more portability and go with the ROG G501, which has 4K screen clarity with a price of  Php 89,995.00. If you are looking for more fun and action this Christmas, then you should go for the renowned G752, which will be also be up for grabs for Php99,995.00. All these notebooks are equipped with the best Intel processors and gaming class graphics for a total immersive gaming experience.

Mark Your Incredible Memories this Christmas with the ZenFone and ZenPad

Be sure to capture every moment this Christmas with the ASUS ZenFone series! Now more than ever, ASUS gives you even more reasons to finally catch up with the ZenFone fever with its ZenFone 2 Deluxe now priced at just Php17,995.00, and the ZenFone C now going for as low as Php3,995.00 only! And just when you thought this year’s widely-considered best-value smartphones could not get even more incredible, both the ASUS ZenFone 2 Laser 5.5 and 5.0 are now priced at Php7,995 (ZE550KL) and Php7,295(ZE500KL), respectively. And finally, even more good news comes in the form of a free ASUS ZenPower unit for every purchase of the best-selling ZenFone 2 ZE551ML.
Christmas videos and memories can now be seen better with the ASUS ZenPad Series. Enjoy the luxury of having a big screen tablet with the ZenPad C for Php5,995 and still being fashionable with its clutch bag design. While gamer enthusiasts and entertainment junkies can show off the ASUS ZenPad S 8.0 it’s gorgeous 2K screen panel and incredible Intel Atom Quad-Core Processor and 4GB RAM, perfect for today’s season of juggling through everything online.

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