Do you love gadgets and wish to say something about them? It may be notebook, a smartphone, a feature phone, a tablet, or any digital device that you find good, nice, beneficial, cool—or plainly lacking of your expectations.

Then write something about it. Don’t just simply write and take photos, send them here and upon screening and editing will find their way into the Zone Review, the section for actual reviews of devices done by consumers.


Your posts must be unique and not republished anywhere. If you’ve written a review of the product before but are re-writing it for this page from a new angle that’s fine. But please, NO affiliate links and NO advertising.

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This site is a blogsite and purely a one-person show; I set it up to have an avenue for my writing that focuses on tech. I wish to clarify that there will be no monetary payment for contributions. And please do not submit press releases. Be reminded that story contributions are actual reviews.

I believe that there are plenty of people—like you—who are smart on a variety of subjects. I am inviting you to come write for this blogsite and share your review with the readers, who, I know, go to the Internet first to search for reviews of gadgets they intend to buy. Your review would be a great help to these people.

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