Fashionable Sweden-brand headphones Urbanears now has a store in Podium Mall

Urbanears, colorful headphones brand from Sweden, finally opens its concept store at the Podium, Ortigas Center in Mandaluyong City.
Headphones and earphones that come in vibrant eye-candy colors, Urbanears are targeting the fashion savvy market looking for dandy-looking headset to match outfits or moods. In addition to providing the user with a fashionable gear, Urbanears also of offer good quality sound, said Gelyn Custodio of Digits Trading, the company which brought Urbanears to the country in 2010.

Stacks of neatly arranged Urbanears boxes inside the shop

Gelyn said Urbanears distinguishes itself from other headset brand by incorporating a lot of design-thinking into the product as gadgets and gear today are more becoming a platform for expression—be it one’s personality or a fashion philosophy.
This is the reason why Urbanears come in bright splash of colors (it’s hard not to look at it and be dazed) as color is a major part of the identity of the product. In each collection, Urbanears is produced in 10 colors, five of which are permanent. The rest of the colors are interchangeable depending on the season. Urbanears also produces the editions line, which feature the use of different fabrics and textile and released only twice a year.

Urbanears Plattan style

Urbanears comes in very colorful headphones and earphone types and their names come from places and districts in Stockholm.
Plattan (P2950) headphones features a jack on one of the cups, to allow plugin of another headphone (basically to share your music with others) in addition to volume control (for the Plattan Plus); the lighter Tanto headphones (P1950) comes with a smaller earcups; the Medis earphones (P2450) features a design to keep them from falling off your ears; Bagis earphones (P1200); and the latest Zinken headphones (P7k plus) for use of musicians as it features ports for amplifiers and a 35 mm jack.

Digits Trading Corporation is the exclusive distributor of Urbanears in the Philippines. It is available in Astrovision, Automatic Center, Avant, Beyond The Box, Bratpack, Buzz, Complex, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Egghead, Electroworld, Gadgets in Style, iCenter, iGig, iStudio, Mobile 1, Power Hub, Power Mac Center, Rubublik, ROX, Switch, Technoholics, Toby’s Arena and Urban Athletics.