Go clubbing for free with Samsung’s VIP Access to the hottest clubs

Samsung is encouraging the use of the NFC technology in its phones Galaxy Note II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Mega 6.3 with a new promo that will surely attract club-going Samsung phone owners.
Samsung’s VIP access to the hottest clubs promo allows owners of the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy phone models to get into Republiq, Hyve, and Penthouse for free every Saturday with one (1) free welcome drink and the use of courtesy lane.
Samsung provided the following steps, which include use of NFC technology in the smartphones, to get the exciting offer:
• Flash your Samsung Galaxy at the bouncers, to be able to access the courtesy lane.
• To avail of the free entrance and welcome drink, connect to the “SamsungLifestyle” WiFi Network available in the club concierge area.
• Make sure your device’s NFC function is enabled. With the supervision of the club’s receptionist, just tap your Samsung Galaxy at the Samsung Tectile located at the reception area of the club. A web browser will then pop up asking for information details such as name, mobile number, e-mail address.
• When you’re done, just click “redeem,” and claim the printed receipt for that free welcome drink waiting for you at the bar.
And by the way, before heading off to these clubs, make sure to be appropriately dressed, as the offer is still subject to the clubs’ dress code policy and venue capacity.
The offer is available every Saturday from July 6 to August 24, 2013.
And also please take note that one device only allows for a single entrance to each of the clubs.