Get the iPad Mini for only P1,500 with Smart All-In iPad Plan 999

Yes, you read it right. Smart is now offering the iPad Mini with a cash out and one-time payment of only P1,500 with its latest Smart All-In iPad Plan 999.

The iPad Mini that comes bundled with this specific offer is the iPad Mini with 16 GB internal storage. The plan comes with 50 hours of mobile Internet enabling download speeds of up to 7.2 Mbps.

This offer is until December 1. The lock in period is 24 months and the required monthly service fee is P999. Please take note that the data speed that comes with the Smart All-In iPad Plan 999 is Smart Bro high-speed 3G mobile Internet connection.

The All-In iPad Plan 999 also comes with a built-in Anti-Bill Shock feature, which allows the mobile Internet service to automatically become unlimited once the usage exceeds P1599. However, Internet usage outside of the 50-hour allocation will be charged the standard rate of P5 for 15 minutes of surfing.

If you want the iPad Mini models with more storage, here is the specific All-In Ipad Plan with corresponding fees:

iPad Mini 32 GB – P1,199 monthly fee (all-in, which means you have to pay a little for the device)
iPad Mini 64 GB – P1,399 monthly fee (all-in)

If you want the bigger screen iPad with Retina display—P1,299 per month

Now, from my understanding, this iPad Mini offer is limited to 3G connection. But since the iPad Mini is LTE enabled, the enjoyment of LTE on the device (42 Mbps speed) have to be enrolled in an LTE subscription (prepaid LTE subscription buckets).

Here’s Smart’s explanation:

“For subscribers who want to get on the fast lane and enjoy up to 42 Mbps of Internet connectivity, they can opt to subscribe to any of Smart Bro’s LTE data sachets: LTE 50 for one day; LTE 299 for 7 days; and LTE 995 for 30 days of unlimited LTE connectivity. These separate data packages will be charged on top of their monthly bills.”

To apply for the perfect All-In iPad Plan 999 from Smart, interested individuals simply need to proceed to selected Smart Stores nationwide or order from the Smart Online Store ( They may also visit, contact 8488877 on their landline phones, or dial *887 for existing Smart subscribers. These sales hotlines are open seven days a week, even on holidays, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m.