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Samsung launches Series 5 Ultrabook with ODD

With Intel already setting the next evolution of the PC with the Ultrabook , an ultra thin and light laptop that features pretty metal chassis, speed and power ,and long battery–one PC brand after another has come out with its version of the Ultrabook. ...Read More

Dell debuts XPS 14z

  Thin laptops not under the Ultrabook category is here to stay. After Samsung’s Series 7 ultra thin full featured laptop (which means it has optical drive and other features), now comes Dell XPS 14z.   Related posts: Dell XPS 14z Ultrathin with style ...Read More

Asus ultrabook “Zenbook” now available

It’s the closest Windows-PC notebook to the Macbook Air in terms of appearance, thinness, lightness and all, yet it’s priced way below and offers more performance up its sleeve. Asus’ most anticipated Ultrabook product called the Zenbook boasts of only 3mm to 17mm thickness, ...Read More

Laptops getting thinner by the day

Lenovo has officially launched the 13-inch ThinkPad X1, which is the latest reincarnation of the ThinkPad X300, the ultra thin laptop that challenged the MacBook Air three years ago (discussed it in my story at ThinkPad Xs are premium-grade business laptops that ...Read More