ASUS previews motherboards for 3rd gen Intel Core processors

ASUS has recently previewed its most awaited PC desktop motherboards that use Intel® 7 series chipsets at a media gathering/seminar held in Makati.

The upcoming motherboards feature Asus’ pioneering Dual Intelligent Processors 3 with SMART DIGI+ Power Control for significant performance boosts, ASUS Wi-Fi GO!, for future-proof and more convenient entertainment experiences, and Fan Xpert 2, which enables the most customizable fan controls ever offered on a motherboard.

Put on display were the brand new motherboards from ASUS’ celebrated ROG brand, including the micro ATX Maximus V GENE, as well as the ruggedized SABERTOOTH Z77 from the ASUS TUF range.

The Maximus V GENE comes with SupremeFX® III audio and network traffic management via Intel® Ethernet and ASUS GameFirst technology, affording smoother and more immersive gameplay.

Meanwhile, the SABERTOOTH Z77 features thermal armor for precision cooling and unsurpassed reliability.

In addition to these boards, the ASUS 7 Series caters to a wide range of computing segments, including workstation models with 4-way GeForce® SLI™ and dual Intel® Ethernet.

Multimedia-focused and energy efficient mini-ITX and H77 motherboards further extend new ASUS and Intel® technologies into the home theater PC sector.

Asus P82777V-Deluxe motherboard feature DIP technology and onboard Wi-Fi

The new motherboards also highlight ASUS’s proprietary DIP technology or the dual intelligent processors, an innovation that made the motherboard feature two onboard chips—the TPU or Turbo V Processing Unit and EPU or Energy Processing Unit. This increases system performance while saving energy through optimized power management.

Dual Intelligent Processors 3 builds on that foundation with new SMART DIGI+ Power Control, which consists of multiple digital voltage controllers that allow for ultra-precise tuning of CPU, iGPU and DRAM power delivery while working with the TPU to ramp up performance to full potential.

For extra convenience, digital power delivery has also been upgraded with one-click performance optimization, and now includes Smart CPU Power Level profiles, which reduce CPU power consumption to specific wattages with a single click. The new architecture creates cooler and quieter desktops, with the new motherboards carefully designed in accordance with next generation Intel® VRD 12.5 power standards to offer consumers the very latest in innovation and readiness.

While increasing system performance and efficiency have always been mainstays of ASUS motherboard design, efforts have also gone into improving cooling with the

With the new motherboards, ASUS also introduced the hardware-based ASUS Fan Xpert 2, which brings thermal flexibility and response to levels unavailable anywhere else.

The included Fan Auto Tuning Mode scans fans individually to detect their thermal properties through automatic speed sensing. Custom fan speeds can be adjusted automatically or manually with a single mouse click, achieving an optimal balance of cooling and low noise.

Fan Xpert 2 also includes an RPM Fixed Mode for users who wish to reduce noise levels to near 0dB, with highly specific fan speed controls that react to actual system loads for more accurate response.

ASUS also made significant improvement on the upcoming motherboards by fitting them with Wi-Fi hardware.

Wi-Fi GO! Technology is tailored to entertainment-minded consumers on the look for more seamless and smoother user experiences. Home entertainment becomes easier with Wi-Fi functions such as DLNA streaming, so users can enjoy content from a variety of devices. The Remote Desktop function provides access to the desktop with a tablet or smartphone acting as remote control, allowing greater convenience by creating a portable virtual desktop. Wi-Fi GO! can also convert PCs into routers, with all of these features fully integrated into a one-stop utility.

In addition to the exclusive ASUS features described above, ASUS 7 Series motherboards include Intel® Smart Response Technology, Intel® Smart Connect Technology, and Intel® Rapid Start Technology, while also natively supporting PCI Express 3.0. All combined and as shown in the seminars, these feature sets make them the most attractive motherboard options currently on the market.