Get your own ‘personal cloud’ with My Book Live

Several years ago, WD introduced a free add-on service to support its portable hard drive products.

The leader in storage solution had come out with web-enabled service allowing a user of a WD storage product access to his or her files stored at home via a web link and password. But the concept back then was a little bit early and didn’t catch on to the consumers, who were still experiencing slow Internet speeds.

But today Internet bandwidths and speeds are greatly improving with more people now accessing data not just from PCs but from mobile devices, prompting WD to re-introduce its cloud service again in a new improved package.

Now having a “personal cloud” feature, WD’s My Book Live drive connects to the home network creating shared storage that users can access within and outside the home using mobile devices such as notebook, tablets, and smartphones.

With My Book Live, users can share files, stream media, and access content anywhere with no monthly fees to pay. The also feel secure in the knowledge that their data resides in in a hard drive located in their homes and under their exclusive control.

To enable the personal cloud feature, the My Book Live is installed with a cloud app enables access of files from any device. It also allows for private sharing of files with friends, family and colleagues.

“Consumers demand the anywhere and any device access of data from the cloud, but don’t want to pay monthly fees or lose control of their personal data. They want access to all their files without worrying about what files are synched to what device,” said Craig Davis, director, sales and marketing branded product group, Western Digital Asia Pacific Region.

“With the new WD 2go mobile apps and WD’s My Book Live personal cloud storage, consumers now have a simple and fast way to securely store, share, and access all their digital content from their mobile devices wherever they are.”

Suggested retail price for the My Book Live is P6,990 for 1 TB, P8,290 for the 2 TB, and P10,590 for 3 TB. The “personal cloud apps” WD2Go (free) and WD2Pro ($2.99) are currently available for download from iTunes Store and Android Market.