ASUS brings Haswell processor overclocking to H87 and B85 motherboards

ASUS announces that the latest UEFI BIOS for its motherboards based on Intel® H87 and B85 chipsets now have the capability to unlock the previously inaccessible overclocking features for 4th generation Intel Core processors.
Before this update, the overclocking features of new Haswell ‘K Series’ processors could be enjoyed only with motherboards based on the Intel Z87 chipset. With the update performance enthusiasts can exploit the power of Haswell K Series processors using ASUS 8 Series motherboards, like the ASUS H87M-PRO and B85-PRO.
The BIOS update is a free download for 10 ASUS motherboards — the H87-PRO, H87-PLUS, H87M-PRO, H87M-PLUS, H87M-E, H87I-PLUS, B85-PRO, B85-PLUS, B85M-E and B85M-G.
Once installed, the update enables frequency multiplier-based overclocking in one simple step for unlocked Intel K Series processors such as the Intel Core i7-4770K and Core i5 4670K. The BIOS also includes several features to make life simpler for PC users. A ‘Last Modified’ log makes it easy to determine when and how a particular setting was changed, and custom settings can be saved to a ‘favorites’ list for rapid switching to suit different applications.
All-around protection for superior reliability
All ASUS motherboards based on Intel 8 Series chipsets have these features that enthusiasts engaged in over clocking would love:
• high-endurance 5X Protection technology for the ultimate in reliability and durability
• DIGI+ VRM voltage regulation ensures precise digital control over power delivery to the processor for reduced energy consumption and enhanced stability
• Including resettable fuses that protect I/O ports and DIMM slots from short circuits and voltage spikes.
• Electrostatic-discharge guards present in the motherboards also protect sensitive components from electromagnetic interference
• And the high-quality solid capacitors are industry-rated for a lifespan for over 50 years of continuous use under typical operating conditions (at 65 degrees Centigrade), which is over twice as long as traditional electrolytic capacitors
The newly enabled overclocking features for Intel Haswell K Series processors and the superior reliability of 5X Protection technology reaffirm the ASUS commitment to giving customers the best in PC performance at a price they can afford.

The following motherboards are currently available with their respective SRPs: the H87M-PRO has a local SRP of PhP 7,190, the H87M-E with PhP 5,690, and the B85M-G with PhP 4,490. UEFI BIOS updates for ASUS motherboards based on Intel H87 and B85 chipsets can be downloaded from:
• H87M-PRO:
• H87M-E:
• B85M-G:
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