New Dell XPS 12 is a convertible notebook and tablet running on Windows 8

Talk of transformation. The new Dell XPS 12 is a “transformer” among the notebook PCs.
The new Dell XPS 12 is Dell’s version of a Windows 8 device that merged designs of a notebook and a tablet. The “convertible” computing device features a flip hinge design that makes the Dell XPS 12 transition from a notebook into a tablet. The hinge holds the touchscreen display that can be flipped easily so the user can tuck the base of the notebook underneath display to convert it instantly into a tablet.
Windows 8 OS is optimized for touch devices and it encouraged PC makers to introduce products that function both as a tablet and a PC with physical keyboard and all but provides the mobility, long battery life, and great touch user interface of a tablet.

With the touchscreen display see-sawing like that, ain’t the Dell XPS 12 the coolest PC product?

The new Dell XPS 12, which is powered by Intel’s third generation processor, features a full HD screen. Similar to other Dell XPS products, which are positioned as premium devices, the Dell XPS 12 is refreshing and nice to look at and is fully crafted from aluminium and carbon fiber materials. Corning Gorilla Glass has also been used to toughen the display.

It looks a lot like the Dell XPS 14Z, except it’s smaller

“The XPS 12 represents the culmination of a deep understanding of the ‘Bring Your Own Device’ movement and insights gained from both our consumer and business customers,” said Christopher Papa, Country Manager of Dell. “The new set of XPS 12 represents a milestone in our design and approach to user experience. Our vision for our XPS line of computers is not just about the device or technology; it’s about achieving the perfect balance of amazing design, end user productivity and IT enablement.”
Dell XPS 12 is priced P65,990.00 at authorized retailers nationwide.