Celebrating 25 years, Power Mac Center highlights tech and PH culture in online video series

Twenty five years ago, Power Mac Center was established in the Philippines.  It began as a five-person startup and was the very first retail store to offer Apple products in the country. Dedicated to providing Filipinos with the latest Apple products in the global market, it has grown to over 75 locations nationwide and has built strong relationship with customers.

To celebrate its silver anniversary, PMC has prepared “Generations”, a series of videos that feature different generations of local industry icons from the Apple community as a look back on its participation in influencing Philippine culture, particularly in music, cinema, business, arts, fashion, photography, and entertainment. Shot using the iPhone XS, the series explores how various crafts have evolved with technology over the years.

The Generations Series

The first installment of the video series highlights the Philippine music industry. The episode features singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rico Blanco, together with IV of Spades’ vocalist and songwriter Zild Benitez, who discussed their early beginnings in the industry and how technology advanced their craft.

Benitez started his career by remixing songs and experimenting on various kinds of music using his laptop, admitting that around 80% of his band’s output is still produced from his computer. Meanwhile, Blanco, considered a pioneer of OPM modern classics, talks about the advantages today’s technology brings when it comes to producing one’s own music, as well as creating a name in the music industry.

“From your computer in your room, you can upload something, where it can result to infinite possibilities. There will be no limitations,” Blanco remarked. “We should take caution in completely relying on technology, however. There’s still nothing that could compare to skill, ideas, and taste.”

Every month until November, a new installment of the video series will be out. The second episode features seasoned director Laurice Guillen and up-and-coming filmmaker Samantha Lee, who discusses defying society rules and stereotypes by telling their stories through film. Find more about PMC’s Generations series in its Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, and subscribe to its YouTube channel.