Canon PowerShot N with Facebook sharing function priced at P16,998

Digital cameras are also getting social. The latest point-and-shoot camera to incorporate Facebook connectivity is Canon PowerShot N, which the Canon Philippines website already included as new camera now available in the Philippines and priced at P16,998.

A key feature of the Canon PowerShot N is a dedicated Facebook button, a button on the side of the camera, which when pressed, launches an application on a connected smartphone showing the camera’s window. From there, the photos can now be shared in the social network.
To be able to enjoy the Facebook sharing, you must first connect the camera to the smartphone through its Wi-Fi feature.

The Canon PowerShot N reminds me of the Samsung DV 300f, which also has the same social sharing feature through Wi-Fi. The difference between the two is the latter connects to a Wi-Fi router and shares photos to Facebook without the need of smartphone.

Anyways, the Canon PowerShot N requiring a smartphone to share on Facebook is an advantage, since many people now have data plans on their smartphones. So in a way, you get to maximize the use of data plan in your smartphone whenever you use the Facebook sharing of the Canon PowerShot N. In addition, photos taken by the Canon PowerShot N is definitely way better and worth sharing than photos taken by your phone’s camera.

Another key feature of the Canon PowerShot N is the touchscreen panel at the back of the camera that you can tilt up to 90 degrees to aid you in getting shots from any angle—high and low angles, which could improve storytelling in your photos.

The camera features a 28-244 mm lens with 8x optical zoom, which can be increased further to 16x via the ZoomPlus feature. The camera doesn’t have a shutter button and zoom level as these functions can be done already in the lens ring, which you can rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise to zoom in and zoom out. The shutter function is also oddly placed on the lens ring.

As it is the most recent PowerShot product, it also runs on the latest Digic 5 processor and is equipped with 12.1 megapixel sensor.