Home wireless network made easy with Linksys E4200

Today, network systems such as those employed in businesses to connect PCs and peripherals such as storage and printer are entering the consumer space through router products like the Linksys E4200 that does more than connect PCs.

The Linksys E4200 is Cisco’s top-of-the-line consumer router product. It is a dual- band Wireless N system that not only connects PCs for the usual Internet access, but also allows the plugging in of an external storage and a printer (through the USB port) for them to be accessed by devices connected to the nework, which include not only PCs but tablets, smartphones and smart TVs too.

It boasts of 300 Mbps and 450 Mbps speed for each band or wireless network, so you can be sure of faster uploading and downloading of files as well as backups within your home network.

For example, Linksys E4200’s 450Mbps transmission for a wireless local network at home delivers smooth transmission of video and music streaming, while the 300 Mbps band or network is dedicated for Internet data transmission. You can stream media files from your tablet onto your smart TV using the Linksys E4200 with the media being streamed running very smooth without any lag at all.

The product uses synchronous dual-mode Wireless-N technology with four Gigabitwired network ports and 3×3 MIMO antenna configuration. Through the six internal and external antenna, signals are amplified and can be transmitted farther, providing more extensive coverage to eliminate dead ends or signals.

The router’s built-in UPnP media server can share any USB external devices such as a portable storage to the network. This router also supports WPA and WPA2 security protocol and SPIfirewall.

Setting up is easy. The product is plug and play. The CD installer does everything and once the management software is running, you can manage the devices that connect to the network. Another plus is you can provide a guest access to anyone wanting to have access to the Internet only. This means the local home network couldn’t be accessed by the guest so your files are always safe.

Key Features:

• Guest access for use of the Internet only; visitors that you enrolled couldn’t access the home network. You can assign the number of guests to access the Internet.

• Through the management software, you can also test Internet speed for download and upload

• You can also create a USB setup key to connect other computers to the Linksys E4200.

• As it is intended for home use, the product comes with parental control features to limit when children in the house can get online and the websites they can see.