Linksys EA4500 Review: Stream HD movie from your tablet to your TV

If you want a high definition streaming of a video content on your iPad or tablet to your TV, then the Linksys EA4500 is the wireless router for that function.
Linksys is a Cisco brand/category of wireless router intended for consumer use, particularly for home use. Since the debut and eventual popularity of wireless network and sharing, its function has gone from beyond providing wireless access of Internet, but also creation of a wireless network at home where data can be shared, streamed or beamed across a number of devices.
The Linksys EA4500, which retails for P9950, is top-of-the line among the new Linksys products. Key features of this wireless router include the following:
• Wireless-N Dual-Band (Up to 900 Mpbs or 450 Mbps for each band)
• App Enabled
• 4 Gigabit Ports
• USB Port
• DNLA Media Server
• Basic Parental Controls
• Guest Access
• IPV6

A dual-band feature allows Linksys EA4500 to offer a private network that makes possible the setting up of a centralized storage (via the USB port) to be accessed by members of the family. Think about a teenage son getting his music from the centralized storage, or a mother saving the photos taken with her smartphone wirelessly to the storage. You can also put a centralized printer via the USB port. The possibilities are endless as multiple devices can be connected and data get thrown at one device to another.
The product also have an added feature of a “cloud component”—meaning there is an app (Cisco Connect Cloud) that you can download to your smartphone, tablet, or PC, which makes possible access of your home network online through the app. Now you can see the power of the Linksys E4500—you can get a presentation file from your storage at home and work on it in your office.
Because of the still stiff price of Wi-Fi capable Internet TVs, many homes still do not have them. But you can make a large screen flat TV become wireless through another Cisco product–the Linksys WES610N– which converts wired devices to wireless.
With your TV converted into wireless, you can now stream HD video from your tablet or smartphone to your TV using the wireless network of the Linksys EA4500.
How to set up: Basically, everything’s plug-and-play. Insert the CD to your PC’s optical drive, run the setup, follow the instruction on how to connect the router to your home LAN, and the rest falls into place.
Cisco has put in place a powerful management app that boasts of the following features:

The Cisco Cloud Connect is an online management suite that allows you to control and configure a lot of things.

Configure the number of guests to have access to your network

You can manage devices that connect to the network, guests you can allow to connect to the network or enjoy the Internet, parental control to prevent access of questionable websites, media prioritazion, which allows you to set up bandwith for certain tasks, speed test, USB storage.

Speed test of my Smart Bro service

Parental Control suite

You can prioritize which gets faster or slower bandwidth

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