Sony expands SLT cameras with SLT-A37 and Alpha NEX-F3

Sony SLT A37 and the affordable NEX-F3

Sony has launched two new cameras SLT – A37 and NEX F3 boasting of the company’s own translucent mirror design for the camera called SLT or single lens translucent camera technology.

SLT is a new camera technology that did away with the moving mirror part found in bulky DSLRs but instead use a beam or light splitter, allowing the camera to take photos with faster autofocus.

The new SLT-A37 is an entry level, 16 megapixel SLT camera which is designed to help beginners capture high quality images without the effort.

For example, the camera’s “Auto Portrait Framing Mode” feature already identifies the subject’s position and creates beautifully composed, high resolution portraits using the compositional “rule of thirds” giving the user an instant professionally-touch photos.

Zoom function of the camera is also improved with the “Clear Image Zoom” feature that has the ability to double the magnification of the lens with the details clear and less grainy. With this feature the user can enjoy taking close-up shots without packing for extra telephoto lens.

It is also featured with “By Pixel Super Resolution Technology” which ensures that cropped, zoomed portraits retain the full pixel count of an image in addition to having a “Superior Auto Mode” feature which allows the camera to intelligently choose the right setting for any shooting situation.

The SLT-A37 is equipped with a 16 megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and complemented by the latest BIONZ image processor that extends the camera’s film sensitivity sensitivity to a generous ISO 100-16000 range.

The SLT-A37, this camera is also capable of capturing Full HD videos using MPEG-4 or H.264 and AVCHD video formats.

The new SLT-A37 is available for P39,999.00 (including the 18-55mm zoom lens) and comes with a free lens filter, camera bag and extra battery

Sony also introduced the new compact and affordable Alpha NEX-F3 camera that features an LCD display that can be tilted up to 180 degree angle for easy self-portraits.

The NEX-F3 is a pocket-sized interchangeable lens camera which can take high quality images, comparable to that of a DSLR quality. It also features the same space-saving mirrorless design found in other Sony’s E-mount cameras family.

This camera is equipped with a 16.1 effective megapixel Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor and powered by the latest BIONZ image processor for flawless, low-noise still images and crisply detailed Full HD video.

Notable features of the NEX-F3 include the “Auto Portrait Framing Mode,” which identifies your subject’s position and creates beautifully composed, high resolution portraits using the compositional “rule of thirds.”

Fitted with a clear movable LCD display, the camera gives the user the option to take self-portraits at arm’s length by pressing the shutter button or just allowing the “Smile Shutter” feature take the picture for you automatically.

Shooting options in dim light or indoors are broadened with the addition of a useful built-in flash. As introduced on the acclaimed NEX-7, the handy pop-up flash incorporated in the NEX-F3 lets you brighten up portraits and other shots without the need to carry an additional flash accessory.

It is also equipped with a Clear Image Zoom that doubles effective magnification of your lens as well as the “By Pixel Super Resolution Technology” that ensures cropped, zoomed portraits retain the full pixel count of an image.

Recommended as a travel companion, the new Alpha NEX-F3 is available in black and white and retails for P27,999.00 (including the 18-55mm zoom lens).