Samsung now has 37.7% of Philippine mobile phone market–Gfk

Samsung Galaxy brand, which include the flagship Galaxy S III above, propelled the growth in local sales of Samsung products

Samsung is on a roll and unstoppable. According to market research group GfK Retail and Technology Philippines, Ltd., Samsung now has 37.3% of the market share’s volume with a value of 46.6%. That’s almost half of the entire mobile phones market in the Philippines, which is populated by different brands.

The Gfk research covers the period of July 2011 to June 2012.

Gartner’s report in May shows Samsung leading

The Gfk result is not surprising. It just reflects the results from a Gartner report, which came out in May this year, indicating that Samsung has become the world’s leading mobile phone maker.

Gartner’s analysis covers the first quarter of the year, when the South Korean tech giant managed to take the top spot in phone sales from Nokia.

The overall mobile phone market went down two percent in the time frame, Gartner noted. Only 419.1 million units were sold in the three-month period, this being the first time since Q2 2009 that the market experiences decline, but Samsung registered growth.

Samsung sold mobile phones in excess of 86.6 million units, marking an increase of 25.9 percent from the same period a year ago.

Samsung also climbed to the first position on the smartphone market, with 38 million smartphones sold worldwide, while accounting for over 40 percent of all Android-based smartphone sales.

Smartphones are still driving growth on the mobile phone market, Gartner notes, adding that 144.4 million units have been sold in the first quarter of the year, an increase of 44.7 percent on a yearly basis.

Gartner reported that Apple and Samsung also increased their combined market share in the smartphone segment to 49.3 percent, up from 29.3 percent a year ago, leaving Nokia far behind with only 9.2 percent market share.

Nokia sold 83.2 million mobile phones in the first quarter of this year, registering a 22.7 percent decrease from the first quarter of 2011, Gartner also reported.

Market research findings such as these echoes the trends in the purchasing masses, whose buying actions only reflect the quality they get from the products they purchase. Evidently, for mobile smartphones, Samsung is the brand to have.

Local Samsung execs credit the company’s Samsung Galaxy series – the new breed of smartphones that are designed by humans for humans—for the increase in sales.

Samsung has always been eyeing more growth in the market, especially with the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III, the smartphone that goes head to head with the Apple iPhone.

As a gesture of thanks to the public for their continuous support of the brand and making Samsung the leading mobile phone brand, Samsung is having a “Thank You Sale.”

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One can own a Samsung Galaxy for as low as P4,790. Also, during the sale period, the latest Samsung Galaxy S III comes with a free Enjoy Club Membership and a case protector. Other Samsung mobile brands are also offered at specially-discounted rates.

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