Sharp celebrates 100 years with more innovation, plans to manufacture locally

I want my TV bigger: Sharp Philippines official extends his arms to demo the huge screen of the Aquos 80″

A hundred years presence is already considered a great feat and Japanese electronics company Sharp has still lots more in store for consumers for the next 100 years more.
Sharp recently celebrated its 100 years global presence and 30 years existence in the Philippines. During the celebration, it introduced new products that boast of innovations and technologies that enhance consumers’ lives. It also announced the production of some products locally in the near future.

Sharp Aquos 80″, the first big screen TV introduced in the country

Sharp has already introduced locally the Aquos 80”, which lays to claim as the biggest LCD/LED TV ever introduced in the Philippine market. Recently, the Japanese electronics company announced the availability in the Philippines of Aquos TV variants — Aquos 70” and Aquos 60”.
Sharp Aquos TV features Quattron technology, which brings viewing experience much closer to life by enhancing the color integrity of red, green, blue and yellow. With this technology, picture quality can reach its maximum sharpness and vividness while saving the use of energy.
Aside from its color precision system, the Aquos TV also boasts of an excellent viewing panel.
Sharp’s original plasmacluster ion technology is present in a number of Sharp products. The technology is a revolutionary air purification mechanisms that filter and disinfect indoor pollutants particularly house dust, allergens, molds and virus. It is now found in Sharp’s French-door refrigerator and other beauty products.

Sharp SAMM LCD Videoke: definitely improved and pretty karakoke machine, unlike those found in Raon, Quaipo

Catering to the Filipino market wanting a machine to help them with sing-along activity, Sharp has introduced the SAMM LCD Videoke. Replacing the traditional Karaoke, the SAMM LCD is a highly functional multimedia system that combines that sharpness of LCD/LED TV and high-fidelity sound.

Sharp hole less washing machine

Sharp’s newest model of fully automatic machine emphasizes on its hole less stainless tub. Carefully designed hole less stainless tub is prove to reduce the use of water and likewise intensifies washing efficiency without damaging the clothes.
Sharp also introduced the world’s first water oven range, which employs superheated steam technology. This new cooking technology, according to results of a lab test, can reduce fat and salt while keeping the natural vitamins of cooked meals.
Sharp Philippines Corporation plans to continue its legacy in leading a new generation of technologies using its own manufacturing facilities. In the near future, Sharp (Phils.) Corporation plans to manufacture LCD/LED TV and dual washer locally.
“We want to be part of the continuous economic growth of the Philippines by producing locally, with the vision that our employees must grow together with the company in achieving its financial growth in the years to come,” said Sharp Philippines president Takahiro Tanaka.