Celebrity moms rely on Samsung digital appliances

Efficient Samsung digital appliances feature cutting-edge technologies that makes moms have more time for the family

Homes are more becoming efficient and cleaner abodes, courtesy of modern appliances that are making advances in enabling houses to consume less energy and finish house chores in less time.
Samsung recently released a new line of digital home appliances with cutting-edge technologies that not only cut down on housework but make it easier for celebrity moms like Rissa Mananquil-Trillo, Amanda Griffin, Tessa Prieto-Valdes, and Daphne Oseña-Paez to save on electricity cost and spend more time with their family.
Veteran fashion model and VJ Amanda loves being a mom and has embraced her new role with absolute gusto. As a new mom, Amanda’s top priority is to ensure a loving and healthy environment for her child. She relies on the Samsung Digital Washing Machine that does laundry job with one press of a button.
No more watching and waiting and no more transferring clothes from one compartment to another as the Samsung Digital Washing Machine is fully-automatic. It comes equipped with Samsung’s Eco Bubble technology which makes washing more efficient and saves up to 70 percent on energy. With less time doing laundry, Amanda has more time to spend with her son.
Supermodel-slash-columnist and now president of a modelling association, Rissa is mother to an extraordinary young boy. When Rissa gets time off from her busy schedule, the Samsung Digital Airconditioner maintains a relaxing home environment which she can enjoy with her family. The airconditioner features Smart Inverter Technology that makes more efficient use of electricity or about 60 percent energy savings. Its Virus Doctor technology immobilizes and deactivates bacteria and turns it into water vapor, providing a steady flow of cool, clean air.
Fashion designer, columnist, socialite, philanthropist and self-proclaimed Sea Princess, Tessa Prieto-Valdes is the ultimate entertainer, winning over others with her infectious charisma.
With so many roles to fill including being a great mom, Tessa manages to maintain a bubbly attitude and keep cool under pressure.
When planning a party, Tessa likes to have her place looking spotless. She raves about her Samsung Digital Vacuum Cleaner, which is a fully digital vacuum device that provides the best suction for any type of surface. It has Super Twin Chamber technology that can make it hold more dirt and go through more cleanings before needing to be emptied out.
Fashion and lifestyle icon Daphne manages to balance career and home responsibility with help of digital appliances in the kitchen.
When preparing her children’s meals, Daphne knows she can serve them the best by storing her food in the Samsung Digital Refrigerator and heating them up with Samsung’s Digital Microwave.
The Samsung Digital Refrigerator can actually keep food safe from bacteria. It features no-frost technology that prevents the buildup of ice. Ice buildup in older refrigerators is cause of the cultivation of harmful fungi due to constant manual defrosting. In addition, the refrigerator features Twin Cooling System that prevents food smells from mixing. This keeps food and vegetables fresh longer. Best of all, the Refrigerator’s Inverter Technology saves more energy.
To prepare instant hot meal, Daphne pops her food into her Digital Microwave. Its Ceramic enamel cavity prevents rust, while being anti-scratch and anti-bacterial. As a result, her children are treated to clean, healthy, great-tasting food every meal.
These supermoms, who are the shining examples of modern-day mom, rely on these digital appliances at home to keep doing what they do best, without the hassle of everyday housework.