Next to arrive this October: Smart LTE Pocket WiFi

The exact date of its release is soon to be announced, but Smart Communications, Inc. is already drumbeating the arrival of the Smart LTE Pocket Wifi, the next service after the Smart LTE dongle it launched in August.
Smart LTE Pocket WiFi, which can link up several devices (maximum of 5), will enable users to enjoy LTE speeds even on non-LTE enabled gadgets.
According to Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services Head Lloyd Manaloto, the portable WiFi router extends the LTE technology even to non-Smart subscribers.
“LTE for All, that’s what the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi brings to the table,” said Manaloto. “Even if you don’t have a Smart LTE Plan or the latest LTE-enabled gadgets, you can already experience the power of Smart LTE,” he added.
Referring to an April 2012 study by market analytics firm GfK, the telco executive said that 99.7% of all smartphones in the Philippines today are WiFi-enabled. He puts the number of potential users who could benefit from the LTE Pocket WiFi “in the millions”.
“As impressive as the GfK study already is, however, it doesn’t count other mobile devices such as tablets and laptops,” Manaloto explains. “Add to that ‘smart’ home appliances such as WiFi-enabled television sets and gaming consoles and you’ve got a huge market just waiting to be tapped,” he added.
For those interested to know more about the Smart LTE Pocket WiFi, Smart has put up an online sign-up page at Pricing and availability details will be announced early October.