New 3G pocket WIFI ZTE MF70 can connect up to 10 devices


If you don’t want to be tied to a telco-dependent pocket WiFi devices that restricts you to just one service provider, then you can opt for the open-line ZTE MF70, a new 3G wireless access point that allows 10 WiFi enabled devices to connect.

This versatile broadband access device, which can be used for laptops and other WIFI-enabled devices such as your smartphones and tablets, sells for only P1,990.

As a 3G device, the MF70 supports download speeds of up to 21.6Mbps. It is plug-and-play device, no special configuration or setting adjustment needed to use it. Simply turn on the WIFI button to activate the device and you are good to go.

To prevent unwanted freeloaders hooking with the WiFi, the ZTE MF70 features a WIFI password for control of access to its signal.

The convenience the ZTE MF70 provides is best described in familiar situations: Imagine being able to continue your movies and apps downloads while driving and streaming your much-loved music all in the convenience of having the ZTE MF70 in your car or laptop.

The ZTE MF70 is also very economical and is a practical solution for people who travel outside the country. Users can simply purchase a local data SIM card to avoid data roaming charges.

For availability of the ZTE MF70 please email