ASUS sponsors ADOC PC assembly contest for underprivileged students

Taiwan tech company ASUS recently sponsored the ADOC PC assembly contest held at the National Computer Center in UP, Diliman, Quezon City.

With the objective to further basic computer literacy, the contest provided a chance for the less privileged students to compete for an internship in Asus Philippines for two months.

ADOC, or the APEC Digital Opportunity Center, is an initiative of the Chinese Taipei and aims to assist in transforming digital divides into digital opportunities throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

“We want to provide job opportunities for the less privileged eager to have a better life,” according to Jose Cheng, the Project Manager of the ADOC Secretariat.

Students were filtered and then sent to compete for an internship by assembling and disassembling a computer unit.

Prior to the technical competition, representatives from ASUS and ADOC conducted an interview of each participant.

The winner of the competition will then have an opportunity to work as an intern in ASUS Philippines, sustained with a monthly allowance from ADOC.

ASUS first joined the ADOC project in the year 2009. To promote electronic education, ASUS donated more than 50 mobile centers equipped with Eee PCs. These computers were used by children from the streets of Metro Manila.

ASUS also donated four 40-ft containers filled with ASUS PCs. These containers were then distributed to rural areas of the Philippines for the education of students.

ADOC and ASUS plan to continue the partnership together to promote digital education. Aside from programs in the Philippines, ADOC continues to sustain programs in parts of South East Asia, South America, and Central America.