Zenny on wheels promo might just make you win a Zenfone 2

asus promo zenny on wheels

ASUS has launched Zenny On Wheels as an initiative for the Filipino Zenfone fans who will be given the opportunity to showcase their their photography skills inspired by the Zenfone.

The initiative encourages the users to take pictures of their favorite sceneries of their hometown to create an incredible portrait of their own. The promo duration is from July 24 to August 7.

Ten winners will be chosen based on the photos they submitted and each winner will get a brand new Zenfone 2 64 GB and the chance for Zenny On Wheels to visit their hometown.

How to join:

  • To join the contest, log on to http://www.zennyonwheels.com
  • Click on the register tab and fill-out all personal details.
  • One also has the option to register via Facebook account
  • When done, click on the UPLOAD button to pass your entry
  • You may share photo on Facebook and/or twitter to boost your votes.
  • Each photo entry must have the ff:
    The hash tag #ZennyOnWheels, #zenfone and #seewhatothercantsee
    Caption regarding their post
    Photos that is incredible in their town:
    — A historic spot
    — An interesting persona
    — Food that is unique to their hometown
    — A grand celebration/fiesta unique to their town
  • Photos will be judged according to the ff criteria:
    — 30% Creativity
    — 30% Composition
    — 20% Uniqueness
    — 20% Votes
  • The photos and captions must meet all of the following minimun requirements:
    — Photo should be his own and not stolen from any other user/photographer, or taken from the web.
    — Photo can be taken from any of the following: digital camera, mobile camera
  • Photo must be clear and contain wholesome images;
  • Photos must not be obscene, offensive, disparaging or discriminatory to any person or entity.
  • Participants with the top 10 photos with the highest scores will receive a brand new Zenfone 2. A total of ten (10) Zenfone 2 will be given away.
  • Participants can only win once (1) in the duration of the contest.
  • Participants should be Philippine residents who are at least 18 years old upon joining.