Synology expects growth of network attached storage market in PH

Synology marketing director (L) and sales account manager Victor Wang (R) discussed the benefits of using NAS

Since it was introduced years ago, Network Attached Storage or NAS has been mostly used by enterprises or big businesses. But lately, more consumers are using the storage solution at home, while a growing number of SMEs and small home offices are also employing the technology because of its benefits.

A NAS device is defined as a storage device connected to a network that allows storage and retrieval of data from a central location for authorised network users and varied clients.

Consumers particularly in countries where network infrastructure is already developed are already using NAS in their homes as a central storage for all their data needs—be it for streaming movies to different mobile devices, accessing documents or photos, file sharing, or surveillance camera storage, according to Victor Wang, marketing director at Synology, a Taiwan-based company known for their NAS, IP and network solutions.

“In a lot of mature countries (countries with fast internet and network infrastructure), people are realizing the benefits of using our NAS products because of their easy user interface. From office use, our products are becoming more and more used by consumers in home settings,” said Wang.

For SMBs, the use of NAS solutions could spell efficiency and cost-savings, said Mike Chen, marketing director at Synology.

“There are many benefits of this product for the SMBs—the ease of use of file sharing and secured data backup. It is also scalable—you don’t have to invest huge amounts of money initially because our products could grow alongside your business. If you need more data space, you just add additional bay units or insert large capacity hard drives.”

Chen added that NAS solutions aside from scalability, particularly those offered by Synology, are features rich.

“I have not come across anybody that has fully maximised all the applications of Synology NAS. Everyone uses one or two services—multimedia streaming, surveillance, FTP server, or just a backup server. On top of that, our solutions are one-time investment only, unlike other services which require customers to pay for license or subscription.”

Though the network infrastructure in the Philippines is currently improving, Synology is looking at expanding the availability of their products and services in the SME and consumer segments in the country.

Synology NAS products are available in Lazada

Wang said they expect the demand for NAS products to grow in the Philippines as the economic growth and developments initiated by the current government through its “Build, Build, Build” mantra would encourage more SMEs and small home office businesses to improve their IT networks.

Part of this expansion is making Synology products easily available to consumers. The company has partnered with Lazada, which now carries Synology products. In addition, Synology solutions are already available at computer stores found in malls.

Recently the company introduced its newest products—the Active Backup Suite and Service Replacement Service (SRS) for SMBs and SMEs.

The SRS service will enable SMBs to maximise server availability and protect investments. Applicable to all current rack mount NAS servers, the service offers free two-way shipping for replacement products and collection of defective hardware as early as the next business day once the application is approved. SRS also provides timely support to reduce service downtime caused by unexpected hardware failure.

Synology’s Active Backup Suite comprise of the Active Backup for Business, Active Backup for G Suite and Office 365. The service protects scattered data in physical, virtual and cloud workloads.

The Active Backup for Business provides protection for various workloads from PCs, Windows and Linux servers, and virtual machines through one centralised console on a single Synology NAS. It supports incremental backup, global deduplication and versatile ways of restoring data The integration with Synology Virtual Machine Manager allows users to replicate a production environment for a temporary disaster site.

The Active Backup for G Suite allows business to control and protect corporate data stored on the G Suite by backing up and centralising it to Synology NAS, which Active Backup for Office 365 provides an on-premise backup solution that protects corporate data created and stored on cloud devices.

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