Smart with HTC previews HTC One X and HTC One V ahead of launch

HTC's supersmartphone the HTC One X

Banking on its strength as an innovator of the smartphone, HTC along with Smart previewed two new phones the HTC One X and HTC One V two days before their official launching in the Philippines.

HTC One X is a 4.7 screen Android smartphone running on the latest Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) OS and powered by quad-core Tegra 3 processor, while the HTC One V is a 3.7 screen Android smartphone, also running on the latest ICS and powered by a 1GHz processor.

Both phones belong to HTC’s new line of super smartphones called HTC One Family, but the HTC One X is the flagship phone that boasts of superior camera and video features.

The 8 megapixel camera can shoot 4 frames per second. It can focus a shot in just .2 second and capable of high speed shooting at .7 second activation time. With this speed, it can produce 99 shots in only 25 seconds. The camera features a 2.0 aperture, which makes it good to use in low light situations.

It features a Smart Flash that automatically detects the amount of light to be given to a particular scene apart from image sensing and smile capture.

It features a unibody design and the chassis is made of polycarbonate material. In addition, the screen is made of scratch resistant Gorilla Glass and it also employed the curved glass design similar to HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio. By the way, the HTC One X also has Beats Audio.

HTC One X side by side with Samsung Galaxy Note

During the preview, HTC official demonstrated the sturdiness of the HTC One X by purposely dropping the smartphone, which is worth about P34,000, onto a tiled floor. The phone is still working with hardly and dent or scratches.

The HTC One V, on the other hand, is the more affordable (approximately P15,000). It features a compact form factor with metal unibody design and metal chassis. It also has the same software features of HTC X One, except that it only runs on single core 1GHz processor.

Apart from all these specs, HTC also improved the HTC Sense running on both devices. For example, it is now possible to take photos while taking a video or take photo of a video clip while playing the video.

As both phones are now ICS devices, it is noticeable that some of the hard keys found in older HTC Android phones are no longer present. For example, the list hardware key and the search hardware key no longer exist as these functions are now software or app that can be accessed on the screen of the phone. The new HTC Sense also improved access of most used apps or history of applications as these are now presented in animated 3D boxes that you could flick, much like flicking through album covers.

HTC One X side by side with HTC Sensation XE















Watch the video below for the actual demos: