Smart shows gratitude big time with the launch of Galaxy S III with Smart Unli Data Plan 2000


Galaxy S III is a big improvement over the Galaxy S II

The most coveted handset Samsung Galaxy S III went to the hands of the first batch of customers who pre-ordered online and they got more than just the handset but received for free more high-end Galaxy products and giveaways.

Smart has released the first five units of the most coveted smartphone the Galaxy S III to the first five customers who pre-ordered online during Smart’s launching of the Galaxy SIII bundled with Smart Unli Data Plan 2000, held today at Smart Jump Experience Center.

The rest of the first 100 customers who enrolled in Smart Unli Data Plan 2000 bundled with Galaxy SIII will receive their Galaxy S III smartphones on June 2.

The first person to own the Galaxy S III with Smart Unli Data Plan 2000 also received a free Galaxy Note

Customers who pre-ordered online for the Galaxy S III also receive more high-end Galaxy products and Rocket Plug-it

Apart from getting their hands on the premium Galaxy S III, the first 100 customers are also entitled to take home Smart Broadband WiFi Plug-It and amazing prizes, such as 20 Smart Broadband Rocket Plug-Its, 10 units of the Samsung Galaxy Tab P6200 and 10 units of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

“We know how long Filipinos have waited to own their very own Galaxy on the country’s biggest network, so we’re giving it away for free on Smart Unli Data Plan 2000,” said Smart Broadband Internet and Data Services head Lloyd Manaloto.

Brenneth Villapando, Maria Teresa Sonza , and Jaymart Cruz were among the five people who first received their Samsung Galaxy S III today. In addition to the Galaxy S III, they all received Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, respectively.

“Imagine being able to take home a Samsung S III plus another smartphone or tablet in one go! It pays to be with Smart and these fantastic giveaways are just small ways for us to sow our gratitude to our subscribers.”

The Samsung Galaxy S III has been touted as the “greatest Android phone ever.” It is the first smartphone that features gesture and voice recognition as the phone responds to voice commands and gesture commands.

For example, the Samsung Galaxy S III automatically gets to sleep mode when it notices your eyes have already shifted somewhere else and no longer on the phone’s screen (yes, it literally looks at you!). You can also literally tell the phone to “snooze” when the alarm takes off apart from also ordering it to make a call or message for you.

You can also make a direct call right from the message inbox just by bringing the Samsung Galaxy S III to your ear and automatically the phone makes a call to the message sender.

Another notable feature of the Samsung Galaxy S III is it can transmit or transfer a whopping 1 GB of data (multimedia content) to another Samsung Galaxy S III just by bringing the two phones back to back. And the transfer transpires in just a matter of seconds.

The Samsung Galaxy S III is powered by a quad core processor and already runs on the latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It also features the most advanced AMOLED screen and a fast autofocus camera.

“It is clear from the get-go that Samsung designed the Galaxy S III to cater to the most demanding customers,” said Manaloto, “And being the most undisputed leader of Android devices in the Philippines, we more than welcome the challenge of living up to this high-end smartphone’s capabilities with our high-end network,” he added.