All Android and iOS phones from Smart now free at Unli Data Plan 2000

Smart is offering its current lineup of Android and iOS smartphones for free with every subscription to a Smart Unlimited Data Plan 2000.

Topping the list of amazing devices are the Apple iPhone 4S, the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the HTC One X.

All three phones are recognized around the world as the best in their respective classes given their top tier features and high-end specifications.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 features quad-core processor and stunning AMOLED screen. The HTC One X features tough polycarbonate shell and high resolution camera which, easily rivals the speed and picture quality of larger, more advanced digital SLRs.

The Apple iPhone 4S, which was previously free on a Smart iPhone Plan 2500, boasts of SIRI, a voice-powered assistant which enables its users to set appointments, search the web, make calls, and send text messages and the easy-to-use Apple iOS mobile operating system.

Also available for free with a Smart Unli Data Plan 2000 are the Samsung Galaxy Note, a “phablet” that features a gargantuan 5.3-inch screen and a handy smart stylus and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the first smartphone that could be upgraded to the latest version of Android, version 4.1 “Jellybean.”

Along with unlimited data connectivity, Smart Unli Data Plan 200 comes with 200 free SMS and 150 free voice minutes to all networks. Access to the 24/7 helpline via *888 and the online self-help portal are also available at your convenience.

For more information about Smart’s other postpaid offers, visit or visit the Smart Store nearest you. Lock in period for the current offering is 30 months.