Evoluzn tablets, lower priced 3G Android tablets

The tablet market is already flooded. A new entrant, however, is unfazed and wants to differentiate itself by offering affordable 3G tablets. Meet Evoluzn Inc., a US-based new tablet maker that recently launched two new 3G tablets in the Philippines.

Evoluzn ZN 8P is an 8-inch Android tablet with IPS panel that supports two 3G SIMs, while Evoluzn 7V that supports advanced features such as MIRACAST.
Evoluzn ZN 8P is priced at P8,990, while the entry-level Evoluzn 7V is priced at P5,999. Both tablets are available in 20 MemoXpress stores.

At a glance, here are other features of the Evoluzn 8P:

• Quad core A7 processor, 1.2 GHz
• Runs on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean
• Measures 8.5 mm thinkness
• 1024 x 786 IPS screen
• 5 MP camera with auto focus and flash, front facing 2 MP camera
• Aluminum casing
• 5,000 mAH battery
• 1 GB RAM

Here are the features of the entry-level Evoluzn 7V:

• Powered by Marvel PX986 Dual Core A9 1.2 GHz processor
• 3G/2G and support for 21 mbps high-speed 3G
• MIRACAST support
• Runs on Android 4.2.2 OS
• 1 Gig RAM
• 2 MP rear camera and front-facing camera
• 3000 mAH battery

During the launch of the Evoluzn tablets, Surya Jonnalagadd of Evoluzn company said the new tablets—compared with affordable tablets of other brands out there—are priced lower and the specs are almost the same.

Just look at the charts below that show the comparison:

“Evoluzn tablets were built with conscientious choice of parts to make the price affordable and yet provide user the necessary things he or she really needs in a tablet.”

“In this market, many are getting ripped off,” said Jonnalagadd referring to costly parts that other brands boast about their product that make it cost so much. And yet that feature is hardly maximized or used at all.
As part of the tablets’ entry into the Philippines, Evoluzn is giving out multi-functional headsets with Bluetooth, FM Radio and MP3 support for the first few customers who bought the tablets.