WD demonstrates first PCI Express hard drives at Computex 2014


The first PCI Express hard drives from Western Digital were demonstrated at Computex Taipei 2014, currently ongoing in Taiwan.

WD’s prototype introduces the new SATA Express interface, a form of PCI Express technology which is offered on recently launched Intel series 9 chipset motherboard platforms.

The SATA Express specification was announced in 2013. A year later, WD and selected partners have come out with a prototype of the next generation of storage technology.

The new SATA Express infrastructure allows customers to work with SSDs, SSHDs, and HDDs on a single common bus.


The PCI Express hard drives made by WD was put to work onboard new Asus motherboards, particularly selected Asus 9 Series motherboards, which has SRIS-enabled SATA Express feature.

Gigabyte also has new Intel Series 9 motherboards that can accommodate the new WD PCI Express hard drives and these too were presented at Computex.