Sony brings 4K technology to 2014 FIFA World Cup coverage


An official partner of FIFA World Cup 2014, Sony Corporation is bringing its advanced technological capabilities and high value-added products to this tournament, where it will demonstrate its strengths in providing consistent solutions that span the entire 4K process, from filming and production, and viewing experience.

In collaboration with FIFA, Sony is also seeking to expand the range of opportunities for viewers to experience 4K.

“At Sony, we strive to empower our consumers with complete, end-to-end entertainment experiences that will complement the best of their lives – whether at home, at work, or even on-the-go,” said Yasushi Asaoka, President and Managing Director of Sony Philippines. “In line with this commitment, we are proud to bring our best-in-class technology and devices to the highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2014 and ensure that fans around the world enjoy this event at its best whether at home on their Bravia, or while on-the-go with their Xperia tablets and smartphones.”
FIFA will produce the Official FIFA 4K Film, packed with highlights of the best action from the tournament. FIFA will film one match from the round of 16, one quarter-final and the final using Sony’s professional 4K recording equipment. Sony will be providing extensive technical support to FIFA, and has developed a dedicated 4K live production system to be used at the tournament.
In addition to 4K, Sony will also be supplying FIFA with an extensive range of HD production and broadcast equipment, including approximately 300 cameras. These will be used to film every game of the tournament for global distribution in HD.
Sony will also offer a new, interactive World Cup experience where people can join in the excitement of this tournament through various network services.
Sony’s “One Stadium” ( is a portal website to serve as a global hub for communication on football.
The “One Stadium Live” social networking site sorts and offers the latest and popular football topics from Twitter etc. for easy reference.
The “Fan Ambassador” reports fans representing 11 countries will be stationed in Brazil, ready to upload on-site action.
The “UNITED” photo contest is a spin-off photo contest of the world’s largest photographic contest “Sony World Photography Awards,” themed on “football” is scheduled to start the day before the tournament.