Jabra BIZ 2300, Jabra PRO 900, and Jabra MOTION headsets for mobile workers


Jabra, a company that makes headsets for enterprise use –think BPO agents at work at their terminals—has announced the availability of Jabra BIZ 2300, Jabra PRO 900, and Jabra MOTION headsets.

Jabra introduces its three latest headset technologies that will perfectly suit a mobile worker’s specific needs:

The Jabra BIZ2300 is a versatile headset that delivers world-class audio with a best-in-class noise cancellation delivering up to 50% better than the competition (as measured by DELTA SenseLab).

The Pro900 Series is an affordable wireless headset that delivers industry-first dual connectivity over 2.4Ghz.  Simple and intuitive, the Jabra Pro900 can connect to your smartphone and your computer or desk phone, allowing you to continue your calls both in and out of the office up to 100 meters from the base. It also can provide you with up to 12 hours of talk time on battery.

The Jabra Motion Office is designed for all-day wearing comfort and gives the users the flexibility to connect to three devices at the same time and be used in different locations: the office, the car, the home office and from any desk in the office for hot-desking environments.

The Jabra Motion Office also comes with an on-the-go kit for Road Warriors while the touch screen charging base makes it simple to connect and use.


Managing Director of Jabra ASEAN Ben Samman showcases the Jabra PRO 935

“At the forefront of  next generation communications, Jabra’s new solutions for the connected enterprise gives employees the tools needed to hear more, do more and be more at their desk, in the office and around town,” said Ben Samman, Managing Director of Jabra ASEAN.


The Jabra Motion Office connects three devices at the same time and it can be used in different locations: the office, the car, the home office

Samman also added that high quality headsets allow firms to fulfill the promise of new Unified Communications (UC) systems.  “Today our headsets give knowledge workers the ability to move away from their desks and phones and allow them to focus on the tasks that matter anywhere they find themselves – at their desk, in the office, at home or in the street. Our headsets give organizations the tools they need to realize and maximize on their UC investments,” he said.