New ECS motherboards designed to withstand thermals

Top motherboard and PC parts maker ECS has come out with new motherboards that feature technology that protects the PC from heating up and electronic surges.

Called ECS Nonstop Technology, it prevents common temperature/electronic threats that usually subject parts of the PC to wear and tear. This technology is particularly helpful to gamers, who use their PCs almost nonstop as the ECS Nonstop Technology ups the gaming experience and PC performance and at the same time prolongs the life of the PC.

The main four features ECS motherboards are described below:

Super Marathon 3X Stability

Super Marathon 3X Stability is certificated by over 30 ECS professional testers as the motherboards were subjected to more than 3 times testing cycle in military level environment running over 30,000 times quality test within 72 hours. With Super Marathon 3X Stability, the motherboards provide guarantee of stability and durability, makes end-users easy to beyond the limitation.

Sahara Severe Test

Sahara Severe Test is a harsher test standard. With a 125% higher than industry standard burn-in test of 50℃, it ensures quality of components, proving the stability and performance under full loading and high temperatures. ECS carefully selects each of its product’s components, breaking limitations, and leading in the industry standards. The best quality is made through severe component testing.

Apache Long-Life Caps

Apache Long-Life Caps are developed by more than 40 experts and inspected by 1,400 of the strictest standards to build ECS full protection technology. ECS developed “Wave”, advanced multi-layer filter technology, supplying pure and stable current. The lifespan of Apache Long-Life Caps are 6 times longer than ordinary capacitors, providing full capability of stabilizing current and perform well in high temperatures. Apache Caps support the most solid protection.

Thor Ultra Protection

ECS Thor Ultra Protection, NASA-level anti-static technology is a delicate protection combination, which is made of dozens of protection diodes and capacitors. Thor Ultra Protection maintains low voltage to avoid electro-static discharge from occurring and preventing component damage. ECS offers the best protection for your motherboards.

The major innovation ECS put in place in motherboard technology is an indication that DIY PCs are here to stay and encourage more consumers to make their own PCs based on needs and demands.