Monitor your homes remotely via the DLink DNR-322L wired video recorder

With the DLink DNR-322L, setting up a network cameras at home and being able to view scenes recorded by camera remotely via a mobile device or PC is made easier—you don’t need to hire a network expert to do the setup at home.

The DLink DNR-322L is a standalone wired network video recorder that can record video from network cameras located at local or remote sites into a dedicated HDD storage without the need to turn on a PC.

You can insert two SATA HDDs

The DLink DNR-322L, which supports muti-channel network cameras with H.264 HD format, can record video from network cameras located at local (which is your house) or remote sites into a dedicated HDD storage. The device can be fitted with two SATA hard drives, ensuring the user with long time recording.

For the DLink DNR-322L to be able to do these features, particularly remote access of the camera, it is powered by a dedicated cloud service or the mydlink technology. With mydlink, the device can be easily setup for Internet access. Real-time monitoring and playback can be done from everywhere via Internet Explorer browser as other browsers have yet to be configured for it. For the remote access of the cameras, you use either the mydlink website or NVR website, but first you have to set up your account.

Notable feature of the DLink DNR-322L is that it allows the user live viewing or searching playback while at the same time it keeps on recording.

home network camera setup with Dlink DNR 322L

The benefit of setting up home network cameras that can be accessed remotely is to provide homeowners peace of mind. This is particularly useful when monitoring a small business at home or keeping an eye on you kids or pets at home. Simply log in to mydlink website and you can see what’s happening at home.

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