Extend the functions of your smartphone with the Creative Sound BlasterAxx Series of speakers

Coming in a tall column style, the hexagonal shaped Creative Sound BlasterAxx Series of speakers is among the unusually designed speakers out there. Coming in three variants (tallest SBX 20, mid-height SBX 10 and smaller SBX 8), the Creative Sound BlasterAxx Series functions beyond just a device to stream music wirelessly via Bluetooth.

It also functions as an “all-in-one” solution for a smartphone or a tablet as it is also equipped with microphone, which conveniently extends the call function of these mobile devices to the speakers.

Creative SB20, which features a dual mic, retails a little over P12,000

Paul So of Creative Technology Singapore demonstrated to the Philippine media the commendable capabilities of the Creative Sound BlasterAxx Series, which include the following:

* Crystal-clear hands-free phonecalls.
The Creative Sound BlasterAxx Series has amazing call features such as noise reduction, which blocks out ambient noises around the caller when engaged in a call. Smart volume optimizes the voice of the person responding to a call or making a call as he moves around the room; this feature maintains the loudness of the person’s voice regardless of his proximity to the speakers.Voice focus delivers a pin-point accurate voice pick-up by shooting an “acoustic beam” at the you. All other voices outside the width of this beam are removed from the call.

* Very useful for voice interaction with the smartphone
Smartphones like iPhone feature Siri, the voice activated assistant that accepts voice commands for certain tasks. Android also have a similar feature. Since the Creative Sound BlasterAxx Series features a microphone, the voice activated command function of the smartphones can also be extended to the speakers. This means you will be able to enjoy the freedom of speaking commands to voice apps without having to physically hold the mobile device.

So said the hardware feature of the Creative SoundBlasterAxx that powers up all these nice functions is the Sound Blaster multi-core processor or the SB-Axxx1, which is a new generation multi-core chipset re-designed to now also support mobile devices.

So said the company is looking up to produce more speakers with wireless function intended for the mobile devices. He said the perfect solution for the ever-changing design of mobile devices, which dump older connectivity standards in lieu of new ones, for example the new iPhone 5 changed its port design rendering old docking station unusable,is Bluetooth wireless connectivity, which is still cheaper.

As to the design of the Creative SoundBlasterAxx Series, it is actually a stack of speakers encased in one single column; this particular design directs the sound to fill the room and envelop the listener in an ultimate audio experience.

Consuming only 3 watts of power, this speakers is also powered via USB. Very portable, it doesn’t have an internal battery though.