Samsung FA-F61 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, perfect companion for your smartphone

Other than providing Internet or email access, call and text services, smartphones have become the ubiquitous music player. Its proliferation encouraged people to carry their favourite music tracks and play them anywhere, anytime.

The sale of portable speakers as well as headphones is also rising as consumers demand a sound system/peripheral that will allow them enjoy music from their smartphones.

Samsung has come out with the FA-F61 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, a portable wireless speaker boasting of premium metallic design and excellent sound quality and NFC and Bluetooth connectivity.
For a small sized speaker, the Samsung FA-F61 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker does possess superior sound. It is crafted with Neodymium metallic element that creates crystal-clear sound. It also features a Passive Bass Radiator for controllable bass levels and APTx, which allows high-quality codec playback.
The Samsung FA-F61 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker connect to a smartphone easily, via Bluetooth (you need to pair it with the smartphone) or NFC (just tap it to an NFC-capable handset and it will play music from your smartphone).
The Samsung FA-F61 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker can also become a speaker to your Samsung TV, and the music projection is done through SoundShare app.

Since it is very portable, the Samsung FA-F61 is the perfect sound system to bring when you want to turn a gathering into a party.
The Samsung FA-F61 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker features a suggested retail price of P9,990, but you can get it for half the price when you buy selected Samsung Smart TV.