Sony SRS-BTS50 is an NFC portable speaker that is also splashproof

It’s only a matter of time when NFC (near-field-communication) peripherals increase in number vis-à-vis smartphones and tablets that feature the technology. How else would you be able to enjoy NFC?

Sony, which is more focusing its products to go with youth lifestyle and habits, has recently came out with the Sony SRS-BTS50, a portable NFC-capable portable wireless speaker that packs in additional features.

The Sony SRS-BTS50 is a splashproof speaker—so it’s safe to bring in parties done by a pool area (just make sure you don’t throw it in the water!).

Besides that, it can also provide a stereo sound or a surround sound, depending on how you position the speaker. It does this through a G-Sensor.

Pairing the speaker to your devices is also made easy with NFC technology. With just one touch, Bluetooth connectivity is established and your music will be streamed over to the speaker in no time.

As can be seen in the photo, the SRS-BTS50 comes in colors (black, pink, white and blue) and its stylish outer looks are constructed from mesh fabric material and rubber. It also comes with a hook, which makes it ultra-portable and convenient to bring along.

With the speaker, you can make hands-free calls using a Bluetooth mobile phone connected to the system, even while the music is playing.

Suggested retail price of the Sony SRS-BTS50 is P6,999.

Here’s Sony’s video campaign for the SRS-BTS50: