Get free wireless LAN unit when you buy Epson EB-S18 and EB-X18 business projectors


This is a most welcome news. Epson is offering a free wireless LAN unit for every purchase of Epson EB-S18 or EB-X18 business projectors.

Starting January 30 to February 28, customers who buy an Epson EB-S18/X18 will get a free ELPAP07 wireless LAN unit that will enable users to wirelessly share and transmit images, texts, and files from their smart device to their Epson projector using the “Epson iProjection” app.

Participating stores for this promo include Accent Micro, Across, Asianic, Complink, Dell, Dynamic PC, Octagon, PC Chain, PC Express, PC Gadgets, PC Home, PC Live, PC Quarters, Silicon Valley, Thinkpad, Villman, V-Store (all in SM North EDSA Cyberzone), and Silicon Valley in Glorietta.

The S18 and X18 are Epson’s first entry level projector models that support HDMI and Wi-Fi connection (through a wireless LAN adapter).

“This ‘Go Wireless!” bundle is perfect for business executives who maximize the value of every minute of their day. When they get important ideas or make notes or changes in their presentations in their smart device, they can project their ideas right away using our wireless application,” said Lyn Lizarondo, Epson Philippines Product Manager for Visual Instruments.

The Epson EB-S18 and EB-X18 are Epson’s business projectors that combine dynamic image quality with exceptional versatility to deliver stunning and vivid presentations.

The two models boast of high color brightness that ensures vibrant and realistic color projections.
Advanced features include optional Wi-Fi connectivity, Color Universal Design, a high contrast ratio and a sliding horizontal keystone adjuster.

As to their environment-friendly features, Epson’s S18 and X18 projectors consume only 0.28W of power in standby mode, employ lead-free lenses, utilize unpainted plastic housing to reduce environmental impact, and the flame retardants used in the product do not contain chlorine or bromine.

Epson projectors use the company’s proprietary 3LCD technology. An independent test by projector review media in 2009 of about 800 projectors found that on average, 3LCD projectors use 25% less power than single-chip projectors. 3LCD projectors also offer greater detail, smoother gradations, no “color breakup” effect, and are easier on viewers’ eyes compared to a single-chip projector using a lamp of the same wattage.

Because of 3LCD technology, Epson projectors offer an advantage in color brightness, or color light output (CLO).

“About 70% of projector buyers aren’t aware that the ‘lumens’ advertised in projector specifications only refers to white brightness.

For most projectors using 1-chip technology, their color brightness is only 1/3 of their advertised lumens – as such, their 2100-lumens projector typically can only display 700 lumens of color,” added Lizarondo.