Epson Gift of Brightness program reaches Manuel Roxas High School in QC


Recently, Manuel Roxas High School in Quezon City received an Epson technology package under the Epson Gift of Brightness program.

Through the program, the public school was able to get Epson L and M series ink tank system printers, a dot matrix printer, a projector, a scanner, and a label maker.

Epson also provided the school with one year supply of inks and ribbons.

Also, to help maximize the benefits for 2000 students of the school, Epson Product Specialists provided training for the faculty members on how to utilize the donated products efficiently.

Epson Gift of Brightness is a project that provides technology assistance through donation of Epson products to aid learning among primary and secondary students from public schools all over the Philippines.

Each of the selected public schools receives high-volume Epson L and M series and dot matrix printers, a projector, a scanner, and a label printer. Epson also gives the schools a one-year supply of ink and ribbons to provide students from the beneficiary schools free printing for their school projects and assignments.

“On our first year of implementation, 15 schools nominated by our partners in trade and media have received the Epson technology packages. In the next few months, we will continue to expand our partners and the number of schools that will benefit from the program. Through the Epson Gift of Brightness, we hope to promote better learning for students and provide teaching tools for the teachers,” explained EPC Marcom & Customer Support General Manager Donna V. Ferro.

The Epson Gift of Brightness was announced last November during EPC’s 15th anniversary celebration.