Protected by tough Ballistic case, iPhone survives 12-ft drop

Ballistic Case was recently launched in the Philippines. During the event, Sean Bailey demonstrated that his iPhone can survive a 12ft-drop because of the drop protection case from Ballistic.

Ballistic Case Co. makes smartphone and tablet cases that can withstand the most brutal treatment, like drops, bumps, scratches, and what have you.

When the US-based Ballistic officially launched its product lineup in the Philippines recently, it demonstrated the capability of its cases in protecting our well-loved and pricey smartphones.


The company’s demonstration particularly focused on the iPhone 5 protected by the Ballistic case–it was dropped down a 12-ft level by  Sean Bailey, Ballistic director of global training and brand advocacy. The iPhone survived the 12-ft drop and was still functioning at its best, hardly any scratch on it.

Hank Goradesky, Ballistic’s founder and chief executive officer, explains Ballistic cases features the HexTec Six-Sided Drop Protection technology, which includes Ballistic Corners to protect against cracked screens, as well as raised lips and corners to protect against scratches.

“We design, engineer and aggressively test our cases to offer the best protection on the market,” said Goradesky. “Let’s face it – we’re rough on our devices, and we drop them all the time. At Ballistic, we believe every case, whether it’s sleek or rugged, should protect your valuable devices. Our HexTec Six-Sided Drop Protection means you can drop your device on the front, back or corners and have confidence that it’s safe.”

Every Ballistic case offers at least six feet of certified drop protection, with some models offering protection up to 12 feet. Ballistic packaging highlights these ratings, enabling Ballistic to lead the industry by clearly defining the level of protection offered by each case.

And you say there are other Ballistic-like cases out there, how would this one fare against the others?

Here’s the data from Ballistic press statement:
“Ballistic shared that Ballistic cases, like the Ballistic SG Maxx, Ballistic Lifestyle and Ballistic Aspira, can outperform key competitors when protecting dropped cell phones from cracked screens, dashed corners and shattered backs.”

“In six-foot corner drop tests, the Ballistic SG Maxx, for example, cut g-forces that can damage dropped phones by 17.6 percent compared to the OtterBox Commuter and by 27.3 percent when matched against the OtterBox Armor. Meanwhile, in eight-foot corner drop tests, the Ballistic Hard Core outperformed OtterBox competitors, reducing g-forces by 26.9 percent compared to the OtterBox Defender.”

“In independent lab tests by Certifi Groupi, the Ballistic Hydra case for the iPhone 5 provided waterproof protection while submerged under seven feet of water for 30 minutes, and one hour of protection while submerged at three feet.”

Ballistic cases are available at Digital Walker, Beyond the Box, Digital Hub, Quick Sound, Celplus, Datalink Technologies, Digital Hub, District 32, Ecentral Cellphone Electronics, iGig, iStore, iStudio, iCenter, iBook, Switch, JMB Albay, Lenin Computer System, Mobile 1, Seatac, Wellworth, Sync, Technopop, Urbanize and Vertex.

Ballistic launches products in the Philippines

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