New Ozaki iCoat-Travel cases for iPad2 and iPad3

Dress-up your tablet with fashionable Ozaki iCoat-Travel cases for iPad2 and iPad3.

The Ozaki iCoat-Travel cases are available in various designs that feature famous landmarks from Rome, London, Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, Tokyo, New York, Dubai, Taipei, Sydney, and Paris. Apart from the pretty designs, the cases feature multi-angle versatility, allowing you to fold the case in different ways. They also come with a detachable stylus holder.

For added protection of your tablet, Ozaki iCoat-Travel comes with an elastic band to securely seal the flop cover. Planning a trip abroad? Set your mood with Ozaki i-Coat Travel .

iCoat-Travel features:

  • 10-country iconic design with story of travel for tourists around the world
  • Front and back protection for iPad2 and new iPad
  • Slim size with both portrait and landscape view
  • Adjustable Multi-angle viewing mode for landscape view
  • Stand steadily even when play touch screen game
  • With detachable Stylus holder
  • Support iPad auto On/Off functions

Check out these designs:

“New York” style

“Paris” style

  1. September 10, 2012
    • September 11, 2012