Console-inspired gaming PC the ASUS ROG GR8 now available in PH


The ASUS ROG GR8, a console-inspired gaming PC that boasts of a 2.5-liter chassis, is now available in the Philippines and will carry a suggested retail price of Php57,990 at all PC Express stores nationwide. A purchase of the ROG GR8 includes an ROG Gladius Mouse and an ASUS M801 mechanical keyboard.

ROG stands for ASUS Republic of Gamers line of high performance desktops intended for gaming industry and as such the new ROG GR8 delivers an incredible performance in a very compact body. Crammed inside is an Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750Ti graphics for full HD gaming and features up to 16GB DDR3L memory, a hard disk drive or high-speed solid state drive (SSD), built-in dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi, and comes preinstalled with Windows 8.1.

The ROG GR8 also has a built-in Miracast receiver to stream HD content wirelessly from supported Android smart devices or Windows 8.1 PCs directly to a HDTV.

The ROG GR8 features special slide-off covers for easy access to the additional 2.5-inch drive bay and SO-DIMM memory slots for quick upgrades. Its 2.5-liter chassis comes with a matte-black finish, Mayan-inspired detailing, and a pulsing illuminated ROG logo. This compact design is ideal for gamers’ bedrooms and living rooms, and provides an added level of portability when attending LAN parties.

The ROG GR8 has the performance to run today’s games in Full HD for a truly immersive gaming experience. It even has 4K/UHD support and can be hooked up to a HDTV through a HDMI or DisplayPort connection for truly vivid visuals.

ROG GR8_3D_on-1

Other notable features of the ROG GR8:

  • It utilizes Intel’s Gigabit Ethernet for better throughput; with enhanced TCP and UDP performance giving it twice the speed of similar technologies for small online game packets. It also has GameFirst III that optimizes networks to give users lag-free gameplay. GameFirst III features four preset packet-priority modes, and manual settings for users who want total control over their network. The built-in Network Monitor tool even lets users manage network traffic and test connection speeds.
  • The pre-installed Steam utility lets users download games into the ROG GR8 in just a few clicks.
  • The ROG GR8 features SupremeFX audio for immersive sound to accompany its stunning visuals.
  • It uses premium Japanese-made ELNA audio capacitors that provide warm and natural sound reproduction, and render in-game audio in greater detail.
  • It features a powerful collection of audio solutions, including Sonic SenseAmp, Sonic SoundStage, Sonic Studio, and Sonic Radar II. Sonic SenseAmp automatically adjusts the built-in amplifier to match headphone impedance for pitch-perfect sound.
  • It features a user-friendly upgradable design, with special slide-off covers for easy access to the additional hard disk expansion and memory bays for quick upgrades.
  • The ROG GR8 is energy-efficient too, drawing less than 15W at idle, and is whisper-quiet at just 20dB at idle and 28dB when running at full capacity. Inside, ROG GR8 has a dedicated large-scale fan and copper heat sinks that direct heat away from the CPU and GPU for maximum cooling.

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